Friday, May 23, 2008

Dear Reuters,

Yes, I know Christie. Yes, she is my friend. Yes, I have a personal relationship with her and even talk with her sometimes. I do not see her, no, but I have every faith that I will one day. At the beginning of July 2008, to be precise. We all know how often those dates prove to be wrong, yet I am convinced that Christie reads and understands every word that I write and will bring this to pass lest my faith be in vain.

I have yet, however, to celebrate the feast of Corpus Christie. Because Christie is my university classmate, and not my God. He would be, in the Latin and the context, Christi. Please, Reuters. I understand that you are not writing about Islam, thus accuracy in detail is not essential to life and limb...but still I beg you. Correct that photo caption.


Christie said...

Tee hee :)

Have no fear, all will come to pass as I have said... and verily on the morn of July 1st I shall descend from the heavens into D.C. by way of North Carolina...

But sadly no, my body does not, nor has it ever, warranted a feast day.


Josh said...

Can I have a holiday too?

I sort of do already, with my birthday, but it's not really in my name.

Margaret Catherine said...

Christie - Yes! You will thus descend - I forgot that part! :)

Josh - Mrm. Josh - Joshua - Yeshua - Jesus. I'll think about it. Be easier if you went and made the sun stand still...something small like that.

Margaret Catherine said...

Christie - I completely ruined the Solemnity of Corpus Christi for myself. :)

E.S. said...

The blog has gone silent. What is wrong?