Tuesday, May 6, 2008

22,500 dead in Myanmar; up to 41,000 missing.

The total could reach 50,000 - and that's just the dead, not the injured and homeless.

YOU CAN HELP - so do. One way or another. Find an aid agency and donate. Maybe you can't send more than a few dollars - but send it. You don't know how many others are only sending that much, and what it will end up being together. If you can't do more than pray, do that. Say a Divine Mercy Chaplet or spend an hour before the Sacrament: give of your time, for those too desperate to do so themselves - those too frantic with searching for missing family or for food or a place to sleep at night. Or look to see where the destitute are around you - and what you can do for them. We are called to give of ourselves; and we are never without the means of giving. Or places to do it.

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