Friday, May 23, 2008

So Philosophy, Astronomy, and Quantam Mechanics walk into a bar...

Me: [on phone to Elder Sister] "Oh, I found this book at the library called 'Is Pluto a Planet?' I may have left a slip of paper inside answering yes..."
E.S.: "Pluto isn't a planet."
Me: "Yes, it is. It's a planet."
E.S.: "It is a planet, and it isn't a planet."
Me: "It can't be both a planet and not a planet, [E.S.]."
E.S: "It's Schroedinger's planet!"
Me: "Schroedinger's planet...populated by cats?"
E.S.: "We don't know. Not until they're observed."
Me: [hastily changes subject]


E.S. said...

Actually, there was an interesting period of silence for a few seconds. I wouldn't call it a hasty change of subject.

E.S. said...

Oh, and it's spelled Quantum. Shame on you!

Margaret Catherine said...

I...I changed the subject as fast as I could? Same thing, right?

E.S. said...

Okay, you muttered something about finding a piece of paper. I suppose that counts.