Wednesday, June 4, 2008

buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo

No, my copy-and-paste function did not get stuck - the above title is in fact a grammatical English sentence, with the proper punctuation and capitalization. I'll give you a few minutes to work it out, while I go enter the numbers. If you'd rather, there's a training video you could watch - no? You'd prefer a cup of tea? Earl Grey? Hot? Or perhaps something almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea?


As you may suspect from all of the above, I'm not in a terribly contemplative mood at present. Lotsa work, lotsa bills to pay. A good amount of the pressure is off, and I never thought I'd be happy to see a letter from the IRS...but I'm still recovering from an exhausting two/three weeks. (It's of no help, on the writing front, that I started a bit of writing that in very short order became much too long and broad in scope for a mere blog post.) I stopped by today to feed the blog, keep it happy and secure that it still has an owner who cares for it - just don't tell it I gave it junk food. It'll have something more substantial over the weekend.


Josh said...

Just think of it as a donut :).

Glad to see another entry. Hope you're doing well.

E.S. said...

Enter 77.

This is crazy. Second day in a row that we are under a tornado watch. Until 1 AM, this time.

I'm sick of storms.

I never thought I'd hear myself say that.

Can I have a donut?

Anonymous said...

I like the more uplifting blogs. Nothing wrong with hope and humor! My counterfeiting operation is going great by the way. Thanks for asking. Destroying our country's curreny one five dollar bill at a time!

Margaret Catherine said...

Uh - ???

Margaret Catherine said...

So are you the one responsible for that phony $5 someone tried to pay me with, back in Vegas? And are you who I think you are? ;)