Sunday, June 29, 2008

Glory be to You, O God, glory be to You!

From the Liturgy of the Word at the Mass of Sts. Peter and Paul, St Peter's Basilica:
At the beginning of the liturgy.

Joint blessing with the Book of the Gospels.

An Orthodox deacon chants the Gospel.

Patriarch Bartholomew gives his homily.

Said it before, have no doubt I'll say it again: Christ will not permit His Church to remain so divided. Today, we've moved that much closer to reunion...however much remains to be done, and however long the rest of the journey takes. (It's only been nearly 1,000 years so far. After all.) There is still a lot to be done in reconciling doctrinal questions, and I'm certainly not prepared to pronounce on that!, but also there is so very much to be done in regards to the laity. To the suspicion between Orthodox and Catholic that's more to do with each other's long-since-alien traditions than anything else. The Roman Catholic Church in America did a fine job, back in the early 1900s, of driving Byzantine Catholics who were in communion with us back into the Orthodox Church: our bishops, for whatever reason, told Eastern European immigrants that only unmarried priests would be permitted to exercise their ministry. Which meant, in effect, that these immigrants who only had the married priests who emigrated with them had no priests, or very few; thus, no Liturgy and no Sacraments. Many of them, priests and laity, did not stand for it, and I can't blame them. There needs to be reunion, and one day there will be. But first there needs to be familiarity with and acceptance of each other at the common-person's level.

Through the prayers of the Mother of God, O Savior, save us!



Today on june 13th 2008-I was deleted by

the organization looking for alternative energy for America has deleted me- the man who solved the energy crisis-

why- because i say I am a messenger of god-my free will to believe in my inner voice- your FREE WILL to ignore me EVEN IF I HAVE THE SOLUTION TO THE ENERGY CRISIS_ PATHETIC

you want your cake and eat it too- you want life exactly the way you want it and not told by another

you dont pick your messengers- they are chosen-

i had enough- i have now endured 13 months on this net being deleted by every arrogant organization run by humans and just regular folk like you who have always ignored my messages since my time upon the net-

well i am done with your stupidity-

let your oil prices go up- let your food prices go up- watch your economies crumble- see your jobs lost- get rid of all your pet animals as you cannot feed your family and pet dog as so many are giving them to the pound-

I have come openly with a solution 13 months ago only to be ignored-

now a gluttonous world playing on the internet shall all learn how primitive man is and must be civil to one another- instead of shunning someone bringing forth a solution- in the months to follow- you will learn there is no alternative fuel- panic mode will set in very soon-

when you understand clearly how important energy is- i guess your arragance will stop and just implement my scientific deeds - as for my messenger duties- it will make sense in time- all is well- but it will only get better after your destruction- i am sorry i have to say this- but it is I who has now watched you completely ignore and ridicule a man of god- as always you will learn the hard way-

time will tell

solomon azar

E.S. said...


Al Gore is posting to your blog?

Margaret Catherine said...

I...don't know. The guy runs around 15 blogs, I don't know how he has time to post on mine. *I* don't have time to post on mine!