Sunday, April 20, 2008


Well, I'd meant to inaugurate this by posting my journal from/musings on Benedict's visit to DC, especially since it was the inspiration for this blog. Unfortunately, those files are saved in a format that won't open on this computer. So. My audience of immediate family, and possibly of bored websurfers, shall have to wait a day or two longer to read it.

Elaboration on the purpose of this blog, and the person behind it: In brief, I'm a graduate of Franciscan University with a theology degree that has done nothing but gather dust. Recently (since Easter), I've begun picking up the books I've let sit on the shelf for the past four years; and in particular I've begun to study the writings of our Holy Father: to see him for who he truly is and not as a media caricature. Many of my posts will be just me feeling my way in the Christian life; simple reflections on what I find in Benedict's writings and other spiritual classics - to be sure, they'll nothing compared to the originals, but still they are my method of making the writings "mine". And perhaps, now and again, they'll be of some slight interest in themselves. All posts will be open for comment and conversation - but this is not a place for argument, if only because I am the worst person for that that I have ever known. So - read. Enjoy- or not. Let me know what you think....when I have a substantive post up.


Betsy said...

Oh, I don't know about that statement 'I am the worst person for that [arguing] that I have ever known.' You can't be, from all the practice you had in younger years... *insert halo'ed smiley*

I enjoyed looking at the pictures. Those Secret Service certainly look serious, but the Pope has a strangely cardboard expression in that picture of you with him. *scratches head*

Looking forward to reading the blog!


Margaret Catherine said...

*frown* Are you saying that the Holy Father is two-dimensional?

Betsy said...

He looks... he looks like a stiff breeze could blow him over.

Must be his age.

Margaret Catherine said...

Well, he *didn't* get blown over. Gotta give him props for that.