Friday, May 1, 2009

A Passenger Manifesto

Man is the sum of his appetites: what has conventionally been termed “free will” is but the expression of those. He should – nay, must – be permitted to do as he likes, when he likes, where he likes. Any other state of affairs is in direct contradiction to observed human nature, and is psychologically unhealthy.* It is, therefore, the role of society and government to enable the fulfillment of fundamental appetites in a manner as comfortable and safe as possible. While European governments are demonstrably ahead of America in this regard, there remains work to be done. There must be removed that lingering inequality by which a mere portion of the populace enjoys full privileges to the envy and resentment of the rest.

In light of this, Rome-Fiumicino airport must remove and replace all benches that have armrests, not only half, so that everyone who wishes to may stretch out and sleep. The proffered recourse to a 24-hour cafe is appreciated, but ultimately is as weak and inadequate a substitute as the caffe latte on hand there.

The true desire of all those remaining overnight in Fiumicino is to sleep. A disheartening proportion enjoy no success. Until this is rectified, there can be no true justice.

Penned by Margaret Catherine
The 30th day of April, 2009
3:30 am

*Symptoms of psychological imbalance resulting from enforced insomnia include auditory hallucinations of 'Funkytown' at 3:00 am. The Italian love of American 80's music, however, is a subject for another time.


Anonymous said...

They had benches without armrests??

When I was there in 2003, the only benches without armrests were in the chapel. While I was certainly tempted to try to sleep there, I ended up on one of their uncomfortable seats. In the Paris airport, I found a 'children's area' with a mat, and I finally laid down and slept there.

I sincerely sympathize with your plight!

Peggy Hagen said...

The chapel was closed overnight...I know, I tried. :) I finally sacked out on a window ledge, when I was too far gone to care about the A/C blasting overhead. It did help to confuse my body into just accepting Eastern time again, no questions asked.