Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sometimes when you look into the abyss...

Recently, I've been spending a lot of time - too much - over at Raving Theist. Interesting site; good atheist/theist discussions, with personalities and viewpoints spanning the range and a refreshing lack of preaching to the choir. For the most part, it's civil, even when that's involved gritted teeth.

The truly uncivil (which has already paid a visit here) started her own blog in response; and one hopes she did not begin as she intends to continue. All of this is built, as regards me, on three statements of mine in a discussion at Raving Theist's on homosexual marriage. First, my generalized statement that homosexual behavior is wrong. Second, that homosexual activity, by its physical nature, is a common cause of AIDS (somehow this became a "condemnation" of "gayness" rather than simple medical fact). Third, that a homosexual who is not Christian cannot be expected to live according to Christian ideals.

That was it. That was all I had to say on the subject. I could not do to a dog what Nina suggests I am ready and willing, eager even, to do to a person. She's even able to describe it in loving detail that in itself disgusts me. No Catholic who has any right to call themselves that could do it; and yet because we are Catholics, we must all be salivating as we await our chance. She knows us better than we know ourselves; a privilege I'd thought reserved to God.

Nina's made her decision to hate the Church and all Catholics, however she came to it. The choice and the consequences are both hers to live with. But hatred like hers is not rational. It is not sane. It can never be justified. It is not even human.

It is what it claims to detest. It is demonic. And there is no point in glossing it over.


Anonymous said...

Fine. I'm demonic. You aren't the first to say so.

Thing is, you will have to stand in front of God and justify that judgment to him. Good luck with that.

And when you discover you're dead wrong, what will your excuse be? What will you tell God?

You say you aren't capable of ripping another human to shreds.

Newsflash: you just did.

deb said...

This whole situation is just sad all the way through. I do respect you for offering a sincere apology to Nina without excuses. Not everyone can or will do that.

e.s. said...

BTW, l.s., that third link no longer works.

Margaret Catherine said...

Yes...though nothing ever really disappears on the Internet. But I'll leave the link broken, it's really not worth it.