Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Traveler's Lament

O little town of Ambler,
How aptly named thou art!
'Twas in thy dark and silent streets
My car* refused to start.

'Closed for Thanksgiving',
Read every sign in town
Outside the hardware store I sat,
Alone and broken down.

Tho' the Acme was still open,
The Giant on Main St. too
Of one thing only had I need
A spark plug sparkling new.

On Chestnut St. I found shelter
A floor on which to sleep
Turkey to roast, stuffing to eat
A brother comp'ny to keep.

O little town of Ambler,
How trains do pass you by!
For your TruValue my thanks I give
An offering to on high.

*Poetic license, E.S. Just poetic license.


Tom Powers said...

There is a Giant on Main St I tell ya! The Acme, however, is closing y the end of the month though.

ahnold said...

I don't what you're on. There is no Giant on Main Street. Tompowers: I'm curious to think if you even have the right town. BTW: Do you think?

Tom Powers said...

Hey aHNOLD, why don't you save it for some dorky youtube vid, man. There is a Giant on main street. And you're need to insult me really is counter productive to your argument.

ahnold said...

It's not an argument, it's a fact,you cyber moron.

Tom Powers said...

aHNOLD: Reading your replies really makes ME think: Why am I arguing with myself?

ahnold said...

I don't know.

Margaret Catherine said...

Neither do I!